Innovation is not restricted to product formulations. We also innovate in packaging, manufacturing techniques and the design software to simplify your customers designs in accordance with the relevant codes.


2K Polymer Systems offers a comprehensive range of chemical anchors from a classic polymer compound such as Polyester Styrene Free (PSF-V) to our latest Pure Epoxy system (EX3).


We offer a wide range of 2 component packaging systems, including the pioneering CiC (capsule in cartridge) system, invented by 2KPS in the late 1990s.

Testing & Approvals

2KPS has the most extensive and complete range of product testing and assessments of any private label resin supplier.

Advanced Manufacturing

Continual investment in the latest manufacturing techniques and machinery improves product quality and ensures consistency.

Toll Filling & Blending

We offer a comprehensive service of both Toll blending and Toll filling. We recognise that complex production process of formulating, mixing and packaging 2-part adhesives can be both costly and time consuming.

Private Label

Our products are sold exclusively sold to private label company but what does ‘Private label’ mean for you?

Regulatory Support

We provide a total support service to our customers including private label safety datasheets that carry their corporate branding.

World Wide Distribution

Whether by road, sea or air, our dedicated logistics department ensure that your branded product arrives in your warehouse ready for sale on time.

Vision & Values

We focus on building long-lasting partnerships with our customers, delivering innovative products that are known for their quality and reliability.


Our state-of-the-art anchoring software provides our customers with a unique opportunity to Private label our anchoring and rebar calculation software.


2K Polymer Systems are committed to protecting the environment. We believe our company has a responsibility to conduct its operations so that it does not compromise the ability or health of future generations.

Bonded Anchors

Bonded anchor cartridge systems offer a variety of unique benefits compared to mechanical anchoring techniques. By avoiding mechanical expansion, they introduce no stresses into the substrate and can be installed close to each other and to substrate edges. They also resist high static loads, with some products formally approved for seismic applications. Most resin anchors may be used in a wide variety of substrates and site conditions. If the substrate is hollow, bonded anchors may still be used in conjunction with perforated sleeves.

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