Advanced Manufacturing

At 2K, we invest our resources in modifying existing products to stay abreast and ahead of market regulations as well as developing new formulations to meet customers’ needs. Continual investment in the latest manufacturing techniques and machinery improves product quality and ensures consistency. Through innovative design 2K’s systems lead the world and provide customers with the latest in packaging technology. Careful control of raw materials, manufacturing processes, testing and approvals ensures that finished products are despatched fit for purpose and with the longest possible shelf life.

2K’s technology and expertise, combined with the dedication of its experienced and stable work force, enables the Company to provide first class products promptly and competitively

Adhesive systems

We offer a selection of adhesives based on Epoxy, Polyurethane and Methyl Methacrylate chemistry that are perfect for private label, opportunities enabling customers to have adhesive products in their own brand label to sell immediately without the cost of development and formulating.

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