Worldwide Distribution

Whether by road, sea or air, our dedicated logistics department ensure that your branded product arrives in your warehouse ready for sale on time. With over 20 years of combined experience in international shipping regulations, 2K delivers to more than 80 different countries. We have the expertise to ensure your product arrives on time and in good condition.

Our dedicated team ensures all the required documentation is completed quickly and efficiently.

We routinely provide complete sets of documentation for our clients including Certificates of Origin, EUR1s, Dangerous Goods Notes, ATRS, EUR MED, Arab Certificate of Origin, Certificate of Analysis, Commercial Invoices and Packing Lists. 2K can also arrange for your goods to be inspected during transit.


To maintain your brand identity, we can issue a ‘Switch Bill of lading’. This allows your goods to be sent directly to your customer without revealing the 2K source, the true point of origin.

At 2K Polymer Systems we pride ourselves in maintaining compliance with all regulations surrounding logistic and the management of dangerous goods. We make sure we are up to date with the latest regulations and get early notice of new regulations coming into effect. Our employees receive regular training and refresher courses in the handling and labelling of dangerous goods.

We offer a range of delivery options for maximum flexibility, including door-to-door insured delivery or ex-works collection. We are expert in shipping our high-quality products around the world.

About the company

In 1967 we developed our first chemical anchors to solve safety critical mining problems. Continuing to develop our formulations, packaging and manufacturing processes we provide quality reliable products to meet the needs of our customers. Since 2008 we have only supplied private label customers. We are dedicated to making their brands thrive.

About 2KPS