2K Innovation

Innovation is not restricted to product formulations. We also innovate in packaging, manufacturing techniques and the design software to simplify your customers designs in accordance with the relevant codes.

Our product formulations include both styrene and styrene-free options for polyesters, vinylesters and acrylates. We also offer the widest range of epoxy formulations with 1:1, 2:1 and 3:1 ratios.

Renowned for innovating new packaging systems, 2K has a history of improving the end user’s product experience, our innovative packaging solutions help end users make safe, clean and simple chemical applications. In the 1980s we released out first polyamide co-axial cartridge, eliminating on site mixing and reliance on local judgement.

In the 1990s we revolutionised two-component chemical packaging with our CiC – capsule in a cartridge system. We are currently focused on developing low waste packaging systems and formulations to make products as eco-friendly as possible on every site.

We apply automation techniques wherever feasible to eliminate human error using advanced equipment designed for our specific needs. This, coupled with our quality controls through every stage of manufacture, ensures our products perform as intended.

The anchor design codes in Europe and the USA dictate that engineers and specifiers need access to design software to identify the most suitable anchoring solutions. To support our customers, we provide private labelled products and supporting data, backed by a customer branded version of our bespoke software too. With 2K you have access to everything required to satisfy both your customer and the regulators.

Bonded anchors

Bonded anchor cartridge systems offer a variety of unique benefits compared to mechanical anchoring techniques. By avoiding mechanical expansion, they introduce reduced stress into the substrate and can be installed close to each other and to substrate edges. They are resist high static loads, with some products formally approved for seismic applications. Most resin anchors may be used in a wide variety of substrates and site conditions. If the substrate is hollow, bonded anchors may still be used in conjunction with perforated sleeves. Click the link below to find out more...

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