2KPS offer a comprehensive range of cartridge systems to meet the demands of our customers and the end user. Whatever your application, we have a packaging solution to suit. We handle cartridges from 150ml to 1500ml in CiC (foil pack), C-CN (coaxial), S-SN (side-by-side), UVL (Single piston) and PLR (Single-Piston) formats.

CiC Foil Pack System

The CiC (capsule in cartridge) system, invented and patented by 2KPS in the late 1990s, is one of the most popular dispensing cartridges in the world. Your two-component products can be loaded into a single-chamber cartridge, which is fully compatible with industry-standard single-component applicator tools.

Available in: 150ml, 170ml, 300ml and 850ml volumes.

Applicator: May be used with standard mastic guns.

C-CN (co-axial) cartridges

The C-CN cartridge system is available in 10:1 ratio and volumes of up to 410ml. It has two vertical round chambers: the outer chamber (known as a “doughnut”) contains part “A” and the inner chamber contains part “B”. The system requires a specialised applicator tool that is capable of pushing pistons of both chambers at the same time.

Available in: 150ml, 380ml and 410ml volumes.

Applicator: 150ml – standard mastic gun. Specialised dispensing tool is required for the 380ml & 410ml C-CN cartridges.

S-SN (side-by-side) cartridges

The S-SN cartridges are available in 1:1, 2:1, 3:1 and 10:1 ratios and volumes of up to 1500ml. Chambers of each component are positioned externally and next to each other, requiring a sepcialised applicator tool for each cartridge size.

Available in: 345ml, 385ml, 400ml, 585ml, 600ml, 825ml, 900ml, 1125ml and 1500ml volumes.

Applicator: All cartridge sizes require dedicated dispensing tools.

UVL (single piston) cartridge

The UVL cartridge is a two-component cartridge that is extruded with a medium to high power single component applicator tool. The “B” component is filled in a chamber behind the “A” Component, separated by a fixed seal. Both the front and the rear compartment pistons move in tandem to empty both halves of the cartridge.

Available in: 250ml volume (1:1 ratio) or 175ml volume (2:1 ratio).

Applicator: Requires a good quality, single-piston mastic gun.

PLR (single piston) cartridge

The PLR cartridge is a 280ml cartridge available in 10:1 ratio. Although co-axial in design the PLR can still be used in a single component applicator. This is made possible by a device positioned behind the piston of the cartridge, which cuts and separates the centre tube to provide a clear path for the applicator gun plunger.

Available in: 280ml volume (10:1 ratio).

Applicator: Requires a good quality, single-piston mastic gun.

Bonded anchors

Bonded anchor cartridge systems offer a variety of unique benefits compared to mechanical anchoring techniques. By avoiding mechanical expansion, they introduce no stresses into the substrate and can be installed close to each other and to substrate edges. They also resist high static loads, with some products formally approved for seismic applications. Most resin anchors may be used in a wide variety of substrates and site conditions. If the substrate is hollow, bonded anchors may still be used in conjunction with perforated sleeves.

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