2KPS has the most extensive and complete range of product testing and assessments of any private label resin supplier. We focus on helping our customers products meet both European and US requirements. Working with both assessment and evaluation frameworks, we are a true global supplier.  Offering formulations that can be sold worldwide in all the packaging systems and formats our customers require. We work with the world’s leading independent laboratories and assessment organisations for external confirmation of product quality and compliance.

We devote time and resources to ensuring that products have a wide range of internationally recognised approvals, including:


  • European Technical Assessments according to EAD 330499-00-0601 for threaded bars and rebars as anchors.
  • European Technical Assessments according to EAD 330087-00-0601 for post installed rebar connections.
  • European Technical Assessments according to EAD 330076-00-0604 for masonry applications.
  • Approvals covering C1 & C2 seismic performance category according to EOTA TR049.
  • Fire resistance qualification F120 for threaded bars.
  • Fire resistance qualification F240 for post-installed rebar connections.
  • WRAS Potable Water Approval.
  • LEED & French VOC Approvals.


  • Evaluation Service Reports from ICC-ES
  • Evaluation Service Reports from IAPMO.
  • NSF/ANSI 61 approvals for potable water

We also carry out extensive test programmes in our own laboratory and test rooms.

ETA (European technical assessment)

Document which provides performance assessment in accordance to EAD’s, which are produced through task groups within EOTA, to provide manufacturers a convenient way to obtain CE marking for their products. This allows free movement of our product and ability to be sold Europe wide.

100 Years Working Life

Our Pure Epoxy, and Styrene free Vinylester, Epoxy Acrylate, Polyester and Hybrid products have all been tested to the latest EAD standards and are approved for 100 years’ working life. Additionally, the 100 years’ working life is extended to all our products which have been approved for post-installed rebar.



This is a green building rating system, the most widely used system of its type in the world. This system provides a framework to create environmentally friendly, highly efficient and cost friendly structures. The certification is globally recognised and provides a symbol for sustainable achievement.

Seismic C1 & C2

These are the seismic performance categories that products are analysed against. C1 is for fixings of non structural elements to structures. C2 is a more stringent assessment criteria which also provides resistance capacities and displacement capacities. C1 & C2 are mainly referenced in Europe with C2 being a major requirement in seismic regions such as Italy.


This is the water regulations advisory scheme which allows our product to be tested for safety of use when in contact with public mains water supply. This approval provides confirmation that the product is safe for public use.


Evaluation reports in accordance to AC308 which is the governing code used in The America’s for fixing products. Testing in accordance with AC308 design codes: ACI318 Section 9.2 & ACI318 Annex C


This is another drinking water approval. It is a national standard in the US and also an established certification around the world that relates to water treatment and sets out a set of requirements for control of equipment that will come into contact with potable water.

Bonded anchors

Bonded anchor cartridge systems offer a variety of unique benefits compared to mechanical anchoring techniques. By avoiding mechanical expansion, they introduce no stresses into the substrate and can be installed close to each other and to substrate edges. They also resist high static loads, with some products formally approved for seismic applications. Most resin anchors may be used in a wide variety of substrates and site conditions. If the substrate is hollow, bonded anchors may still be used in conjunction with perforated sleeves.

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