The EASF is the most environmentally friendly resin system within our range, yet at the same time it exhibits an outstanding performance in concrete, masonry, and other substrates. it is ideally suited for high load/heavy duty structural anchoring applications of studs, threaded bars, starter bars and dowels.


Being free of styrene, the EASF formulation has a very low odour and is well suited for use indoors and in confined spaces. It has a very low VOC content and no hazard symbols are needed to be displayed on the product label, nor it is hazardous for any mode of transportation.


The EASF has undergone extensive testing. It is CE Marked and has been accredited with ETA approvals for use with stainless  and galvanized steel anchors (Option 7 ETA), and for post-installed rebar connections (ETA according to TR023). It has also been fire tested and has received fire resistance classification F120 (for use with threaded bars) & F240 (for use with rebars). For those operating in markets where American building codes are recognized, EASF can offer Evaluation Service Report from IAPMO.


EASF is available in CiC (foil pack), C-CN (co-axial), S-SN (side-by-side) and PLR cartridges.


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