Aluminium Epoxy Putty Stick

Fast-Setting Solution for Aluminium Repairs

Aluminium is an aluminium reinforced epoxy putty. It is fast setting, and is used to repair, patch or re-form aluminium pipes, rods, castings, tanks and sheet products. Aluminium
is a hand kneadable epoxy putty supplied as a two-part concentric stick of contrasting colours; when mixed it sets to a hard, aluminium-coloured material which can be drilled,
tapped, machined, filed or sanded and painted as required.

Working Life – 4 minutes at 20°C

Aluminium epoxy sticks should be stored out of direct sunlight in dry frost free conditions of temperatures between 5°C – 20°C. Under such conditions shelf life will be 24
months from the date of manufacture.


  • Quick and easy to use.
  • No measuring: just cut off what you require no tools: simply mixed between the fingers.
  • No mess: putty-like consistency means no running or dripping.
  • No waste: only use as much as you need.
  • Good shelf life.
  • Cure in minutes to a high strength.
  • Rapidly obtains industrial strength.
  • Easily moulded or shaped for each application.
  • Can be machined, sawed, drilled, sanded and painted.
  • Ideal for a wide range of repairs.
  • Epoxy Putty Sticks have been formulated to produce outstanding results.
  • High bond strength formed with the repaired material.
  • Filling cracks, sealing leaks, forming parts, restoring damaged areas.
  • No shrinkage or rusting; extended shelf life.
  • Particularly suitable for all maintenance departments.

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