PSF-V resin is a universal bonded anchoring system for use in hollow and solid substrates within dry, wet or flooded conditions formulated free of styrene, PSF-V has a very low odour and is ideal for use in confined spaces and indoors.


To match your installation environment, PSF-V is available with various curing times, which include:

- PSF-V - normal gel and cure time (standard grade)

- PSF-VE - slow gel and fast cure time for high-temperature environments

  (extended gel time / tropical grade)

- PSF-VS - fast gel and fast cure time for more rapid applications (speed grade)

- PSF-VC - fast gel and fast cure time for cold-temperature environments (winter grade)


Polyester Styrene Free bonded anchor system is CE Marked, has European Technical Approval according to ETAG029 for anchoring threaded bars and internally threaded sockets into masonry, and an Option 7 ETA for anchoring into uncracked concrete.


PSF-V is available in CiC (foil pack), C-CN (co-axial), S-SN (side-by-side) and PLR (single-piston) cartridges.


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