For over 25 years 2K polymer systems has been a leading manufacturer of cartridge bonded anchors for the private label sector, while our manufacturing origins go back all the way to the 1960’s supplying anchoring systems to the mining industry. Sustained organic growth and experience gathered over this period of time has allowed us to become a global supplier of chemical anchoring cartridge systems and secure a leading position within the industry. Today we are delivering our products and services to more than 50 countries around the world from our 6,000 square meter (65,000 square ft) operation in the UK as well as subsidiaries in the USA and Singapore.


2K’s goal is to provide customers with high quality, easy to use and safe chemical anchoring cartridge systems that we formulate, develop and manufacture to suit your applications and sales channels. Our comprehensive range of products includes polyester, vinylester, modified epoxy acrylate, polyester styrene free, vinylester styrene free, epoxy acrylate styrene free, and pure epoxy resin systems. All products have been independently tested and have been awarded with various approvals, such as ETA, ESR, fire approvals, DIBt, Socotec, WRAS, NSF 61, and others.


We are also actively engaged in innovating and developing packaging and delivery systems. Our expertise in this area allows us to take full control of our products, minimize waste and increase simplicity and efficiency of their use. The Cartridge in Capsule (CiC) foil system, invented by 2KPS and first launched in 1999, has revolutionized the chemical anchoring market and is a must have in the range in many markets today


We value quality, innovation and partnership and trust that these are the reasons why our products have been chosen by the most prestigious brands across the world.




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First products for the mining industry are manufactured by the newly established company

First styrene-free polyester system produced.



Joint venture formed to produce civil engineering specialist products including polyester expoxies and cementitious products.

Revolutionary CiC, capsule-in-a-cartridge foil pack system is launched.



Moved to a dedicated production facility at present Alfreton site.

Quality management systems accredited to ISO 9001 (2000).



In the early 80s the first twin compartment capsules manufactured.

First fully automatic cartridge filling machine purchased.



In the mid 80s DIY range widened to include adhesive, epoxies sticks and tapes.

2K releases EASF, a low hazard, low VOC, styrene and phthalates free resin.



First low hazard capsules launched for wood dowel technology in the mining industry.

Quality management systems accredited to ISO 9001 (2008).



Quality systems were accredited to BS 5750 part 2 (The forerunner of IS0 9001).

CiC assembly automated.



Launched first resin anchor in a 10:1 co-axial cartridge format.

850ml (US quart) CiC packaging launched.



Australian mining reinforcement system launched.

Comprehensive test programme for EX1 product completed. Another  market leader EX1 is free of MXDA, Phenol, Nonylphenol, N-methyl pyrrolidone and bisphenol.



150ml co-axial cartridge launched for use with a standard sealant gun.

All radical cure products received ETAs and CE Marking.



Accredited to ISO 9001 (1994).

ETAs granted on the Pure Epoxy product range



Respected for its knowledge and capabilities, we are a contributor to technical committees in Europe and the USA that maintain and improve broad based industry standards and quality worldwide.


Over the last quarter of a century 2K polymer systems has maintained an ongoing programme of research and development, formulating specialist bonded anchors for the construction, mining and civil engineering markets. Never standing still, we are always looking to the future, developing products that meet the changing needs of evolving world markets. We are also renowned for devising innovative packaging and cartridge systems and this expertise enables us to take full responsibility for all products, improve the methods of application and minimize waste.


The CiC (Capsule in a Cartridge) packaging system, invented by 2K and launched in 1999, has revolutionised the bonded anchor market and is now an essential in most companies product ranges. As with many other aspects of the bonded anchors market, this was another case of ‘2K leads, others follow’. Respected for its knowledge and capabilities, our company is a contributor to technical committees in Europe and the USA that maintain and improve broad based industry standards and quality worldwide.



The markets throughout the world are putting ever more emphasis on safety within construction and building industries, which is why our top quality products are backed up with universally-recognized technical approvals from independent outside testing bodies. Unbiased, accurate and validated performance information of our products allow the users performing accurate calculations with confidence.


We devote time and resources to ensuring that our products have a wide range of approvals, a summary of which is presented below.



► European Technical Assessments according to ETAG 001

for threaded bars and rebars as anchors.

► European Technical Assessments according to Test Report TR

023 for post installed rebar connections.

► European Technical Assessments according to ETAG 029

for masonry applications.

► Approvals covering C1 seismic performance category according to ETAG 001 Annex E.

► Fire resistance qualification F120 for threaded bars.

► Fire resistance qualification F240 for post-installed
rebar connections.

► WRAS Potable Water Approval.



► Evaluation Service Reports from ICC-ES

► Evaluation Service Reports from IAPMO.

► NSF/ANSI 61 approvals for potable water


We also carry out extensive test programmes in our own laboratory and test rooms.




Top quality high performance products are no longer enough with environmental impacts becoming a global purchasing consideration. 2K actively monitors its raw material supply chain for potential SVHCs, SIN-listed chemicals and changes to national chemical inventories. Our formulations are devised and developed to provide the best product performance without significant hazard to the environment or health.





To sustain a leading manufacturer’s position in our industry we must maintain high standards and be able to keep up with the ever increasing expectations of our customers.


We are continually investing in technologies that allow us seize greater control of our manufacturing processes, improve our efficiency and reduce waste to minimum. Through innovation and design we also provide our customers with the latest options in packaging technology. We carefully control raw materials, production processes and planning, all of which ensure that the finished products are fit for purpose and with the longest possible shelf life. 2K’s technology and innovation, combined with the expertise and dedication of its stable work force, enable us to provide first class products promptly and competitively to our customers.





2K polymer systems pays strict attention to quality and our stringent control systems are audited regularly by our customers.


In 2010 our quality management system celebrated 25 years of conformance to ISO 9001 standards and its predecessor BS 5750. From the delivery of raw materials to the dispatch of  finished product, the company's quality control systems check every stage. At the end of each production run samples are stored for at least 24 months from the date of manufacture, ensuring every production batch is fully traceable from start to dispatch.




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